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GOT7 (EP) is the 12th mini album by South Korean boy group GOT7, and the first album release since their departure from JYPE. The album will be released on May 23rd 2022.

Background and release[]

It was announced on May 8th, 2022 on their new GOT7 official SNS. It was announced with the new album cover .[1] They will also hold a 2 days fan meeting concert titled 'HOMECOMING with I GOT 7' at the South Korea Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul on May 21, 2022 offline, and May 22, 2022 offline and online.[2]

Commercial performance[]



No. Title Length
1. "TRUTH"   3:06
2. "Drive Me To The Moon" (Produced by Ars (Youngjae), BOYTOY (Blatinum), Disko (Blatinum)) 3:26
3. "NANANA" (Produced by Def. (Jay B), iHwak, Royal Dive) 3:07
4. "Two" (Produced by Yugyeom, Distract, dr.ahn) 3:15
5. "Don't Care About Me" (Produced by Distract, Jinyoung, Yugyeom, Ludwig Lindell) 3:11
6. "Don't Leave Me Alone" (Produced by Def. (Jay B), iHwak, Royal Dive) 4:06




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